The casino adventure at Casumo - this i how it works

The casino adventure at Casumo - this i how it works

11 okt. - The Casumo Evolution: Explained. Have you ever wondered about Casumo and how it all works? Casumo Casino was and still is the worlds 'First Casino Adventure' and by our admission, is one of the best online casinos out there. The reason for this we believe, is simple. Casumo Casino is very different. We would like to tell you a little bit about Casumo. First of all, Casumo is the fastest growing online casino today and its popularity has skyrocketed among Australian players. Second, Casumo is not your run of the mill online casino. Of course, they have all your favourite pokies from world class providers such as Netent. But Casumo is unlike any other online casino – of course you've got the fun games and a high chance of winning, you can also challenge yourself with new levels, collect trophies and incentives and you'll be constantly rewarded with everything from electronics to travel prizes while you are playing! The Casumo adventure. You will find the casino games right on the homepage while the top ones are displayed right up front. In fact, it looks like something you might find in a downloadable game app on your iPad or Android phone. Add then also roulette, Flame Dancer Slot Machine Online ᐈ Novomatic™ Casino Slots and other table games that never dies out and bingo, scratch cards, video poker and keno, you have an excellent selection available. Or a golden egg, if you will. Valuables appear November Promotion | Euro Palace Casino Blog symbols on your adventure Samsung Slot Machines – Slots for Samsung Tablets and Phones.

The casino adventure at Casumo - this i how it works Video

Casumo A Casino Online Get 200 Free Spins + £1200 Bonus As you climb levels you are rewarded with belts, free money, free spins for specific milestones you reach along your way. Since Casumo started up four years ago, it had become one of our more popular UK online casinos. Casumo Challenges are time-limited tournaments which take place at this casino and reward players for completing certain tasks within a set amount of time. Getting a black belt is the ultimate goal for all casumos. Ikibu Casino Play Now. You could say that the belts function as an incentive to play more since you will soon realize just how powerful it can be to move up to the next color. They are the proof of your hard work, or should that be hard play? The whole adventure is to gain new belts and trophies to Casumo as you work your way through the 60 levels. On the one hand you will find that your loyalty and your bets will give you special perks, on the other the actual adventure adds an additional layer of fun and excitement. Many players wrinkle your nose when it comes to newsletters and SMS. Prepare yourself for a truly phenomenal adventure. Like a real adventure, the more you play, the more you progress and the more experience you gain. They are the proof of your hard work, or should that be hard play? These range from winning 3 times in a row, 3 times, to logging in to Casumo, to winning big on a specific game and getting bragging rights. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Casumo is heaven for those who like to receive the free spins. We have written a more informative article about Casumo Reel Races that you can advantageously be read if you want to know more about this! Your points will appear on a bar, or a meter, in the upper left corner. Choose from Three Different Bonuses. It is really simple, once you register your very own Casumo Hero is born with a white belt and works its way upwards in the hierarchy of yellow, red, blue, purple and finally a black belt, Triple Chance Slot Machine - Play Penny Slots Online like in karate. Every time you reach a new level you have a chance to receive extra bonuses from Casumo. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Up to 24 Hours — Completion Time: The further you get into your casino adventure, the better the belt  and the better belt you have the better valuables you will find on each new level.



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